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Hey, I'm MyExcelPro

I create Innovative Excel Spreadsheet Dashboards for Businesses & Professionals 
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What's Included

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Macro Analysis Spreadsheet

Easy-To-Use Insights

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A carefully, personalized Excel Spreadsheet which analyzes your Monthly Income & Expenditure to help you manage your Finances.

Simply, just copy and paste in your Bank statement to receive your insights. Improve your financial situation at a glance!

Over 20 Graphs to help you understand your finances and  achieve your next goal.

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Who am I anyway?

Hey there, I'm Bran, also known as MyExcelPro!

I am the go-to guru for all things Excel. With years of experience in creating macro-coded spreadsheets that integrate with other software's such as Outlook & SAP, I've worked across a multitude diverse industries, from Aerospace Manufacturing to Science Medical Research.


My expertise spans the creation of Quality Management Systems (QMS), Finance trackers, personal finance tools, business performance dashboards, and efficient inventory management spreadsheets! And tons more...

Since then, I have created hundreds of spreadsheets for professionals and today i share my knowledge on social media and through my  premade excel Spreadsheets that you can get today! I Also provide a Pro-Service where you can request a specific spreadsheet, and I'll tailor-make it, just for you.

Thomas G, Oxford University

"Bran's personal finance Excel template has been a great tool for my university life at Oxford.  Thanks to Bran, financial empowerment is now part of my academic journey!"
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